10 Great 50th Birthday Party Celebration Ideas | Vancouver BC

Planning a 50th Birthday Party doesn’t have to be daunting. Here are some easy, thoughtful 50th birthday party ideas that would honor any person turning the big 5-0 in your life.


Nothing can bring you back to a certain time in your life like music. Bring everyone back to their teenage years, or the first time they fell in love by finding the birthday person’s favorite songs and singing the night away!

Dance Away the Ages

Get everyone active as they try to remember the moves to their favorite dances of each decade. Need some inspiration? Check out this video from “Dancing with the Stars” highlighting dance styles over the last century.

The Places We Went

Load up some mini vans and take a tour of the birthday person’s favorite places. Have an appy at grandmas, a main course at that little place downtown they used to frequent and finish off with an ice-cream down at the beach where they had their first kiss.

Photo Booth

Give your guests the gift of a memory to take home. Photobooths a favorite at house parties. It’s interactive and encourages guests to get in close and have fun. The best part is that pictures serve as a wonderful memory of who was there celebrating your 50th birthday party with you.

A Ride Down Memory Lane

When you’re planning a guest list for a 50th birthday party – you end up with people from all different stages of the birthday person’s life. Allow everyone to see a snapshot of the guest of honor in all their younger glory with a display of dated pictures.

Theme the Party in the Person’s Birth Year

Looking for a fun theme for your party? Try a theme from the decade the honoree was born in. I’m sure anyone born in the 1960’s will have a deeply rooted appreciation for tie-dye, psychedelic colors and the Beatles- trust me.

50 Memories for 50 Years

Invite guests before the party to write down a fond memory of the guest of honor. This is a great way to include friends or family that are too far away to be there in person.

This Unique Birthday Gift

Shopping for a 50th birthday gift can be tough! This gift from “Home Made Gifts” is clever, stylish AND you can print it from your home computer.  Just pick some fun facts from the year the birthday person was born and press print!


All that Glitters is Gold

For a more classy 50th birthday party decor – go gold. It’s timeless. A can of gold spray paint or some sparkles can jazz up just about anything to match your decor.

Gift Card Monogram

Use the honorees initial as a creative way to display gift cards and cards that guest bring to celebrate them.
No matter what you do, 50th Birthdays are about being together and remembering the years you’ve all had together. Happy planning!