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Vancouver wedding photo booth photostrip sample.
Lower Mainland wedding photo booth photostrip sample.

Entertainment, Party Favours, and Photograhy All In One Fun Place

A wedding photo booth rental is so much fun. You can literally harness the fun and excitement of it all and forever preserve the laughs, the memories, priceless moments, and hilarious antics of your special guests. While all weddings must come to an end, the amazing experience and delightful memories captured by our photobooth will last for many years to come.

Rent a wedding photo booth in Greater Vancouver with these great photo strip layouts.
These layouts are only a sample of our work. We do custom wedding photo strip layouts all the time for no additional charge (it’s all part of the package), but we never share a new wedding layout with the world until after the wedding it was designed for has past. Click here to see more wedding samples

As if all this wasn’t enough, there are so many more great reasons to rent a photo booth for your wedding:

  • They help people mix, mingle, and meet others. Turtles come out of their shells, and shy people who usually avoid the lime light have a great time getting a little goofy in the booth.
  • People love to take home souvenirs of themselves. Photo booth pictures are the ultimate wedding favor. People put these photo booth pictures on their fridge or office cubical wall, and they literally stay there for years – a constant connection to their memories of an amazing day.
  • It includes people not included in the occasion’s formal pictures.
  • It’s fun for all ages. Grandparents have just as much fun as children and young adults.
  • The booth gives your guests something fun, memorable, and creative to do together (don’t worry, with our huge selection of photo booth props, even your most uncreative guest will find something to inspire their fun side).
  • Regardless of whether you rent a photo booth in Vancouver or or anywhere else in Canada, it can be said that a photo booth does what only the most talented photographers can do – but for a cheaper cost.

Our All-Inclusive Wedding PhotoBooth Rental

Our all-inclusive rental package is designed to make your wedding exceptional. When you rent a wedding photo booth from Forever Captured, you receive unlimited photos – as many photo sessions as your guests want. Every photo session prints as either two traditional 2×6 inch photo strips or as one 4×6 inch postcard style print. You can choose a backdrop too – even a green screen – and we always bring a huge number of fun and interesting props to spark your guests’ creativity and bring out their fun side.

One of the things we’re famous for is our amazing photo strip designs. For us, every part of the wedding needs to be themed – including the photo booth. That’s why we often custom design photo strips and postcard style (4×6 inch) prints for weddings for no additional cost. We theme these in consultation with the bride and groom to incorporate the look and feel of the wedding’s colours and theme elements. We even make sure the touch screen on our photo booth that your guests will interact with is themed to match the photo strip. The end result is an amazing, completely customized photo strip or postcard style print that captures part of the magic of your special day and allows your guests to take it home with them as the ultimate wedding favor.

The experience we create doesn’t end there. We then upload all your photos to either a private or public online photo gallery where you and your guests can browse through all the photo strips, download them or share them. We even provide you with digital copies of all your guests’ photos so you’ll have them for good.

We also enhance your guests’ wedding experience by providing a friendly, professional photo booth attendant who will usher your guests through the photo booth for the entire time the booth is open, help them with the wedding props, and make sure everyone has a great time at the booth.

We further amplify the fun by including – for no additional charge – a compact social sharing kiosk where your guests can share their photos with friends on Facebook, Pinterest, Twitter, and other social sites. They can also text and email their pictures too.

Our photo booth is a high tech, open concept booth. It prints lab quality photo strip prints and postcard style prints in less than 10 seconds that are smudge proof and should literally last a hundred years. We rent out our booth for weddings in BC’s Lower Mainland or Fraser Valley. We take care of delivering it, setting it up, running it, and packing it away. You do nothing but smile for your photo and have a great time.

You can actually start having some fun right now by clicking here to see the different photo booth print layouts you can choose from and different designs you can choose from when you rent from us. We can also custom design something brand new for you too.

Wedding Photo Booth Rental Prices

We rent our photo booth by the hour and always include all the great features listed below. Rentals start at $550 for 2 hours. We then charge $150 for each additional hour the booth is in operation. Contact us to see if we are available for your event. For holidays, peak seasons, and long weekends (where a national or provincial holiday creates a long weekend or a holiday is close to a weekend), our minimum rental time is 4 hours. The reason for this policy is that these are super high demand times. We also charge a minimum 4 hour rental for events that take place in a remote venue.

Call us today to book a super amazing photo booth experience for your event.

Additional Options

Although we jam-pack our photobooth rental package with everything you need for a tremendous experience, there are a few extras that some people like to throw in to further enhance their special day:

  • A memory scrapbook of photos from your event. Each guest can place a copy of one of their photo strips in the book and are invited to write a special message next to their picture (this is ideal for weddings): $100.
  • Double Prints: $50.
  • Non-Operational Hours (in the event you wish to stop the booth for a while for dinner or speeches): $50 per hour.
  • There are a lot of other extras we work in to your package too. Feel free to tell us about any idea you are thinking about.

Make Your Wedding Amazing

So if you are looking for a photo booth rental for your wedding, Forever Captured PhotoBooth can help you create an amazing experience that your guests will love and remember for years to come. Contact us today, and we can begin talking about what you have in mind for your special day. Contact us at or at  Phone number for Forever Captured Photo Booth Rentals.

Field flowers photo strip and booth screenshot.

We create a themed package like this for every event. Click on the image above to see many more examples from other events.




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