Pros & Cons of an Image Cube from a Photo Booth

One way of making an interesting party favor for a wedding, party or special event in Vancouver is with an Image Cube created from pictures taken in a photo booth rental. An imagecube from a photobooth is quite novel and unique. However, they tend to be very fragile and their not exactly what most people have in mind when they rent a photo booth.

With an Image Cube from a photo booth, your guests have 4 pictures taken in the booth, and these are used around the 4 sides of the cube. On the top side of the cube (it has 6 sides in total), you can leave a message for your guests. If the image cube is for a wedding, the names of the bride and groom will go here along with the date. If it’s for a party or event, the name of the party or event will typically go there. The bottom side of the cube contains some instructions for how to fold and assemble the ImageCube.

An Image Cube is an alternative to traditional photobooth photo strips and postcard style layouts. Before choosing to go with an ImageCube box, here are some things to consider:

What’s Good and Bad About Creating an Image Cube with a Photo Booth


  • Very unique event or wedding favors. It’s a cool thing to take home and show to friends.
  • They are completely personalized.
  • Fun pictures of each guest having a great time are all over the Image Cube.


  • An ImageCube is very fragile. They often get squished quickly and usually don’t last long.
  • Guests have to assemble the cube themselves (although it’s quite simple).
  • Many people prefer traditional photo strips. They are easier to keep looking nice, and they can last a lifetime.

In Vancouver You Have a Lot of Options – An ImageCube is One of Them

When it comes to party and wedding favors in Vancouver, an ImageCube is just one of them. If you have your heart set on providing your guests with an Image Cube as part of their photo booth experience, then you can rent a photo booth and do this. Not many photo booth companies in Vancouver provide this service, but you’re bound to find a rental company who will.