Fun Photo Booth Props for Wedding & Party Rentals in Vancouver, BC & the Lower Mainland

Photo booth props are one of the key ingredients that make a booth rental at a wedding, party, graduation, birthday party, or any other even so much fun. They inject over-the-top comical fun that you can’t draw out of most people in public any other way.

Interesting and inspiring props fire-up peoples’ imaginations and fuel endless fun – not only for the people in the booth but also for the rest of the guests watching the entertainment.

Photo Booth Props are an Excellent Ice Breaker for Weddings and Events

All the hilarious things people do with props in the photobooth help to break the ice between guests of an event, party, or wedding and get them laughing together about the hilarious antics they see being acted out in the booth.

There are so many types of props people like to use in the photo booth; the long list includes fancy mustaches, goofy hats, colourful wigs, fluffy feather boas, sunglasses, toy swords and guns, super hero masks, animal masks, picture frames, props on a stick and seasonal props such as Halloween costume pieces or Christmas reindeer antlers and Santa hats. We try to hard not to buy or bring cheap or printable photo booth props; we try to make sure that everything we use is of a good quality and is safe for kids.

Tons of Fun Photobooth Props with Every Party or Event Rental

When you rent or hire a photo booth from us you’ll discover that you don’t need to come up with your own prop ideas, we always bring way too many photobooth props – way more than our prop table and hat stand can handle – but we don’t put them all out at once. As far as your guests are concerned, they will always see a very large selection of props, but they are only ever seeing a portion of what we’ve brought to the wedding, party, or event. To keep things fresh and interesting, we rotate in new props throughout the course of the event so that as your guests come back to the booth for a second or third time, they will discover new props to inspire their creative side and have even more fun.