Photo Booth Rental in Orange County, California

Photobooth rentals for parties, weddings, and events in BC.A wedding, party, or event photo booth rental in Orange County is always such a blast. You can literally bring the fun and excitement of it all to your event and forever capture the laughs, the memories, priceless moments, and hysterical antics of your guests. Your event may only last a day, but we create great experiences and capture delightful memories for both you and your guests that will last for many years to come.

To add to all the excitement, fun and unbeatable memories that a photo booth creates, there are so many more compelling reasons to enhance your up coming event, party, or event by choosing to rent a photo booth in Orange County:

  • They help people mingle, meet others, and have something fun to talk and laugh about. Turtles come out of their shells, and your shy guests who usually avoid the spot light will likely have a good time acting a little silly in the booth.
  • People really like to take home souvenirs of themselves. Photo booth pictures are the ultimate event, party, or wedding favor. People put them on their refrigerator or on their office wall and literally keep them there for many years – creating a lasting connection to the memories of a fantastic day.
  • It includes everyone not included in the occasion’s formal pictures.
  • It’s great fun for all ages.
  • The booth allows your guests to do something fun together that they’re really going to remember, and with all the props they get to choose from, your guests will find more than a little inspiration to get creative and have a great time.
  • Whether you’re in San Diego or Michigan, many people don’t realize that in a number of ways a booth can do what only the most gifted wedding and events photographers can do – but for a more affordable price.

5 Great Photo Booth Companies in Orange County

Here are 5 great photo booth companies to check out in Orange County:

Optic Photo Booth | 888-844-2906

Pixster Photobooth | 858-367-0096

Social ShutterBooth Photo Booth | 714-525-5615

​​​​​​​BryTy Events Photo Booth Rental | 949-216-0166

Sterling Photo Booth | 866-302-9941

What to Expect from a PhotoBooth Rental Package

When you rent a photo booth in Orange County for your event, you typically get unlimited photos with each individual photo session printing as either two 2×6 inch photo strips or one 4×6 inch print. Many companies allow you to choose a backdrop. Some even offer a green screen if you’d like. Some will also allow you to choose a layout for your photo strip or 4×6 prints and most will allow you to put a custom message on it too.

After your event, most companies will upload all the pictures from the day to either a public online gallery or a private one where your guests can look through all the photo strips, share them with friends, or download them. You may even be give all the pictures on a USB stick so you can have them for good and relive the memories whenever you wish to.

Photo booths almost always come with a professional attendant who will assist your guests at the booth (if they need help) for the entire length of time the booth is open and ensure everyone has a great time.

If your rental comes with a social sharing kiosk, you can allow your guests to have even more fun by sharing their pictures with others. One of these iPad based kiosks allows your guests to share their photo strip with friends by email, text, Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, and other social sharing platforms.

Most photo booths now are modern and high tech. They come as either open or enclosed booths with touch screens and fast, high quality printers that print out lab quality photo strips and postcard style prints in less than 10 seconds. These prints are smudge proof and should literally last a hundred years – just like regular, quality photograph prints. With a rental, the company you’re dealing with will take care of everything for you: delivering the booth, setting it up, running it, and taking it away. You shouldn’t have to much other than arrange everything with them and then smile for your pictures and have a great time.

Photo Booth Rental Rates

Photo booths are typically rented by the hour with a 2 or 3 hour minimum and often include the features listed above. The price of a rental varies. Most companies offer competitive rates, but a small number will charge a premium and few will try to offer the cheapest rates. Just be careful. You often get what you pay for.

Extra Options

While standard rental packages often come with everything you need, there are a few extras that you may want to throw in to get the most out of your special occasion, party, or wedding:Rent a photo booth for your event, party, or wedding.

  • A memory scrapbook of your event’s photos. A photo strip from each guest is placed in the book and guests are invited to write a message next to their picture (ideal for weddings and milestone events). The attendant will direct your guests to place their extra photo strip in the book and write a message next to it.
  • Double Prints.
  • Non-Operational Hours (just in case you plan to stop the booth for speeches or dinner).
  • There are many other extras too that can be worked into the mix. Feel free to bring up any other ideas you may be contemplating.

Make Your Event in Orange County One Everyone Will Love

So if you’re searching for something that will bring your guests together and given them something to do and talk about that’s fun and exciting, a photobooth rental for your event, party, or wedding in Orange County is the perfect fit. A local photo booth rental company can help you put together an exceptional experience that your guests will really enjoy and remember for years to come. Contact one today and begin discussing what you have in mind for your special occasion.