Get a Photo Booth Rental in Ottawa, Ontario

Photobooth rentals for parties, weddings, and events in BC.

A special celebration, party, or event photo booth rental in Ottawa is so much fun. You can literally harness the fun and excitement of it all and forever preserve the laughs, the memories, priceless moments, and hilarious antics of your special guests. While all events must come to an end, the amazing experience and delightful memories we capture will last for many years to come.

In addition to all the fun, excitement, and unbeatable memories a photo booth generates, there are so many more reasons to rent a photo booth for your up coming event, party, or wedding in Ottawa:

  • They help people mix, mingle, and meet others. Turtles come out of their shells, and shy people who usually avoid the lime light have a great time getting a little goofy in the booth.
  • People love to take home souvenirs of themselves. Photo booth pictures are the ultimate event, party, or wedding favor. People put these pictures on their fridge or office cubical wall, and they literally stay there for years – a constant connection to their memories of an amazing day.
  • It allows you to get photos of everyone not included in the occasion’s formal pictures.
  • People of all ages have a lot of fun.
  • The booth provides your guests with something really fun and memorable to do together, and with a good selection of props to choose from, your guests will find no end to inspiration for having a great time.
  • Regardless of whether you rent a photo booth in Montreal for an event or rent one in Toronto, in many ways, a photo booth actually does what only the most talented photographers can do – only it’s cheaper. Click here to learn more.

What to Expect from a PhotoBooth Rental Package

When you rent an event photo booth in Ottawa, you get a number of options with your rental. To start with, you almost always get unlimited photos, and you can usually choose if you’d like these to print as either two 2×6 inch photo strips or as one 4×6 inch print. Many companies allow you to select a backdrop – even a green screen sometimes. But make sure the rental comes with great props. You’ll want to have really fun and interesting ones that will bring out your guests’ fun side.

Following your event, most companies will upload your pictures to an online photo gallery where you and your guests can browse your guests’ photo strips, share them with friends, and even download them. But you may not need to download them, as you may be provided with a USB stick containing all your guests’ pictures so you can hold onto them for good and laugh and relive the memories whenever you choose.

You can expect the photo booth to come with an attendant who will oversee the booth for the entire time the booth is open, keep the props in order, and make sure everyone has a great time at the booth.

Some rental companies are now providing a social sharing kiosk where your guests can email their pictures to friends or share them on Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, and other social sites.

The majority of booths now are modern and high tech with touch screens and fast printers that create lab quality photo strip prints and postcard style prints in less than 10 seconds. These prints are smudge proof and should literally last a hundred years. You can expect a rental company to deliver their booth, set it up, run it, and packing it away. All you should have to do is arrange for them to come, provide them with the information they need, sign their contract, pay them, and then enjoy your event.


Photo Booth Rental Prices

Photo booths are almost always rented by the hour with a two or three hour minimum being normal. A typical rental package will include many of the great features listed above – and some companies offer all of them. Rates can also vary but most offer a competitive price. However, there are always a few who like to undercut everyone else and offer the cheapest price, and there are always a few who charge a premium price.

Extra Options

Although most rental packages come with everything you need for a great experience, there are a few extras that some people like to throw in to further enhance their special occasion, party, or wedding:

Rent a photo booth for your event, party, or wedding.

  • A memory scrapbook of photos from your event. An attendant directs each guest to place a copy of one of their photo strips in the book and are invited to write a special message next to their picture (this is ideal for weddings).
  • Double Prints: $45 per hour.
  • Non-Operational Hours (in the event you wish to stop the booth for a while for dinner or speeches).
  • There are a lot of other extras that many companies can work in to the mix too. Feel free to talk about any idea you may be thinking about.

Make Your Event in Ottawa One Everyone Will Love

So if you are looking for something fun and exciting that will bring your guests together and given them something to do and talk about, a photobooth rental for your event, party, or wedding in Ottawa is the way to go. A local photo booth rental company can help you create an amazing experience that your guests will love and remember for years to come. Contact a company today and talk to them about what you have in mind for your special occasion.