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Photobooth rentals for parties, weddings, and events in BC.

A wedding, party, or event photo booth rental in Ontario is always such a blast. You can literally bring the fun and excitement of it all to your event and forever capture the laughs, the memories, priceless moments, and hysterical antics of your guests. Your event may only last a day, but we create great experiences and capture delightful memories for both you and your guests that will last for many years to come.

To add to all the excitement, fun and unbeatable memories that a photo booth creates, there are so many more compelling reasons to enhance your up coming event, party, or event by choosing to rent a photo booth in Ontario:

  • They really help a lot of people to mix, mingle, and meet others. It’s amazing how turtles come out of their shells and people who tend to be on the shy side, avoiding attention, have a great time acting a little goofy in the booth.
  • People love to take home souvenirs of themselves. Photo booth pictures are the most amazing event, party, or wedding favor. We find that people put them on their fridge or in their office, and they often remain there for years – a lasting connection to the fond memories of a delightful day.
  • It includes everyone not included in the occasion’s formal pictures.
  • It’s great fun for all ages.
  • The booth allows your guests to do something fun together that they’re really going to remember, and with all the props they get to choose from, your guests will find more than a little inspiration to get creative and have a great time.
  • Whether you’re in Toronto or Ottawa, many people don’t realize that in a number of ways a booth can do what only the most gifted wedding and events photographers can do – but for a more affordable price.

What’s Often Included with a Photo Booth Rental Package

When you rent an event photo booth in Ontario, you usually receive unlimited photos – as many photo sessions as your guests want. Many companies allow you to choose one of two types of prints: traditional 2×6 inch photo strips or a 4×6 inch postcard style print. You can usually customize the photo strip or print a bit by having them put a message and even the date on the print. Many times you can also choose a backdrop too – some companies even offer a green screen. But what really kicks up the fun an extra notch are the props. Make sure the rental comes with them. Most companies provide these for free.

Many companies will then upload your event pictures to an online gallery where your guests can browse through them, download them or share them. Many companies will also provide you with a USB stick with all your guests’ pictures on it so that you’ll have them for good.

You can also usually expect the booth to come with an attendant to overseeing the operation of the photo booth and ensuring that everything runs smoothly.

If your rental comes with a social sharing kiosk, you can allow your guests to have even more fun by sharing their pictures with others. One of these iPad based kiosks allows your guests to share their photo strip with friends by email, text, Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, and other social sharing platforms.

Most booths are modern, open concept booths with digital cameras and touchscreens. They are also equipped with super fast, high quality printers that print out a pair of photo strips within 10 seconds. These are usually lab quality prints that won’t smudge and should last for decades. When you rent a booth in Ontario, most companies take care of setting it, operating it, and taking it down. So you don’t have to worry about a thing. All you need to do is arrange for them to be there and then smile for your picture and have a wonderful time.

Photo Booth Rental Rates

Photo booths are usually rented out by the hour and often include many of the great features listed above. The minimum rental time is typically 2 or 3 hours. The price of photo booth rentals can vary, but most companies are fairly competitive on price. There are always a few, however, who charge a premium and few more that try to offer the cheapest rates. Just make sure to thoroughly check out whichever company you choose to work with so that you know exactly what you are getting.

Other Options

Although a standard rental package can come with everything you need for a fantastic experience that serves Ontario, there are a few extras that some people like to add to the mix to further enhance their special occasion, party, or wedding:

Rent a photo booth for your event, party, or wedding.

  • A memory scrapbook of your event’s photos. A photo strip from each guest is placed in the book and guests are invited to write a message next to their picture (perfect for weddings). An attendant will direct your guests to place their extra photo strip in the book and write a message next to it.
  • Double Prints.
  • Non-Operational Hours (in case you want to stop the pictures for dinner or speeches).
  • There can be other extras too. Feel free to ask about any idea you may have.

Make Your Event in Ontario One to Remember

So if you’re contemplating bringing in something fun and exciting that will help bring your guests together and really given them something to do and talk about, a photobooth rental for your event, party, or wedding in Ontario is the way to go. A local photo booth rental company can help you create a fantastic experience for your guests that they will thoroughly enjoy and remember for many years to come. Contact one of the companies above today and start talking to them about what you have in mind for your special occasion.


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